Learning programming with adaptive web-based hypermedia system AHA!

Mária Bieliková, Jaroslav Kuruc, and Anton Andrejko

In this paper we describe an application of open source adaptive hypermedia system called AHA! for learning programming. We present models for adaptive hypermedia systems targeted at the AHA! architecture. Our approach to learning programming is based on adaptive presentation of program examples that serve as program exercises related to particular programming language and programming paradigm. Each program exercise in the domain model is defined as a concept consisting of three basic parts: definition, hint and solution. The domain model also defines several relations typical for educational systems such as a prerequisite together with relations specific to domain of learning programming, e.g., the relation linking a program exercise and a program schema that generalizes the program exercise. Proposed relations allow effective adaptation on several levels of abstraction. We also present extensions devised for purpose of accommodating specific features related to the application domain, such as considering time for adaptation, refined granularity of the concept suitability, or accommodating students' view of understanding particular concept while learning.

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