Novel Approaches to Acquisition and Maintenance of User Model

Anton Andrejko

User model represent the basis for any personalization, which becomes important for effective information accessing by means of adaptive web-based applications. The user model in adaptive web-based applications consists of identifying user’s characteristics that are used for personalization of layout, navigation or content. The more characteristics about the user are available, the more accurate personalization can be provided. However, there is one more aspect which should be considered – user characteristics’ currency. The user changes (e.g., gains new knowledge or gets more experienced) over time, therefore, the user model must always reflect these changes to maintain effectiveness in enhancing the personalization. However, there is not enough attention paid to acquisition and maintenance of user characteristics, since the way the characteristics are changed in the user model is usually not directly visible on the application’s presentation layer. We have proposed novel approaches to automatic acquisition (i.e., the user model is populated with new characteristics) and maintenance (i.e., existing characteristics are kept up to date) of the user characteristics that employ semantics provided by ontological representation.

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